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Data er den nye oljen. Trenger vi å «ta en Rettedal, igjen?»

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Arne Rettedal Ui S


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The only company in Norway investing in ideas

Every day, we work to make the world a better place by helping products and solutions derived from research and science, amazing ideas and new business concepts to find their way to the market. Validé is part of the Rogaland innovation ecosystem, and our results have a global impact, whether we work on health innovation that saves lives or renewable energy concepts. Solutions we have made growing the last 20 years, exist today in people's homes, in your phone, on the bottom of the ocean, in space and on all continents. And we continue to do so, every day. We are privileged to work with good researchers, inventors, entrepreneurs and great startup companies in many different industries.

Everything in Validé is about innovation - and we invest in ideas.

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